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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Feeling empty? ( Ephesians 5 v 18 )

My wife came in  with a bunch of roses,asked me to put them in a vase,which I did, and put water in the vase, as usual they looked lovely. But then I forgot to keep watering them, they exhausted the water I had put in,and where drooping badly,looking as if the best thing to do was to put them in the bin. But no, I put fresh water into the vase, and later when I looked at them they had recovered.I remember reading a book called Unbroken, and how the chief character who suffered so much as a prisoner of the Japanese. He somehow went to hear Billy Graham speaking,now it appears that dear Billy was exhausted, the good news is ,the man heard Billy preach,and trusted Jesus.Billy was exhausted,but he managed to preach.Yes even great men like Billy find things hard, there is a price in serving God,and living for God.George Whitfield said'' he did not tire of Gods work, but he did feel tired doing it,''.Often we are exhausted in our Christian life, like the roses we wilt,but it is then we need to look to God afresh, for a fresh anointing of Gods holy Spirit,
                                                 He gives strength to the weary
                                                 and increases the power of the
                                                 weak.Even youths grow tired
                                                 and weary,and young men
                                                 stumble and fall,but those who
                                                 hope in the Lord will renew
                                                 strength. They will soar on
                                                 eagles wings like eagles,they
                                                 will run and not grow weary
                                                 they will walk and not be faint.
                                                          ( Isaiah 40 v 29 - 31 )

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