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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Oh, not an other trial. ( Acts 27 )

Life is full of change, change which we do not have any control over, but that does not mean that things are out of control,no ,because as a child of God,we do not look at what is happening in our lives with our natural sight,no let faith take over. In  Acts 27 the apostle Paul was a prisoner being taken to Rome to be put on trial, that was a severe trial in itself,but  the little sailing ship, entered a very severe storm,it had lasted 14 days,and we read Luke who was writing this, he records ,''we finally gave up all hope of being saved''( v 20 ). It was then Paul stood up and told all on the ship,how an angel had appeared,with good news ,that everyone would be saved.Paul declares ,''So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith in God,that it will happen just as He told me.(  v 23 - 25 ).
                                                    Remember Gods is in control .
                                                    Have faith in God,hold unto
                                                     His word.

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