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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Tiny sins and big sins.[ James 2 v10 ]

The Roman Catholic church teaches that there are two classes of sin, mortal and venial '',Mortal sin is described because it is a great offence against the law of God, and is so called because it is deadly ,killing the soul and subjecting it to eternal punishment. It can be forgiven. but they believe that an unknown amount of punishment remains to be expiated in purgatory. Venial sins on the other hand, are small and pardonable offences against God or our neighbour. Technically, venial sins need not to be confessed since they are comparatively light and can be expiated by good works, prayers, extreme unction,and the torments of purgatory''[Loraine Boettner]It is Derek Tidball who says that there is no hierarchy of sin, and yet many people see that there is, of course there are sins that are more serious ,and yet all sin in Gods eyes is serious. God we are told is holy and the reality is that all sin is equally offensive to God, He looks not on any sin in a light manner,and will judge the offender,our human reasoning thinks that, the Hitlers,child murders,etc deserve hell,in fact we would rule  them out of ever getting into heaven.But the fact is even one sin would bar us from heaven,because in Gods sight all sin is an act of rebellion,and must be
dealt with ,rebels will never be allowed into heaven. Until we see sin in its entirety, and that it needs  forgiven, we will never be saved, never.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God help us all to see the seriousness of all sin,that there is no hierarchy of sin,that all sin needs to be forgiven ,or it will condemn us to a lost eternity,in Jesus name we ask this Amen.

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