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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Money. [ Psalm 23 ]

Whither we like it or not ,money is an important part of our lives, we need it to live on, The challenge for the Christian, is to not love money, we need it,
without it ,we would be in difficulties. It is no joke to find yourself with no money, there are times when I had none, when I was young ,money was very scarce, I don't know how my mother managed to feed us and cloth us,
but somehow we got through. I remember a friend of mine, telling me of a time when he had no money, he was Christian, was hungry, so he did something unusual, he went into a cafe and ordered something to eat. When the food came he bowed his head and give thanks to God. He discovered someone had paid for his food, a customer in the cafe, had said to himself
that if he saw someone saying grace,he would pay for that persons meal.
From experience I have proved that God is faithful,our faith can be tried
but God has promised to meet our needs.[ Philippians 4 v19],so trust Him.
                                             A prayer.
Dear Father God we thank you that you will look after all your Children,
and meet their needs, through Jesus your Son Amen.

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