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Monday, 5 December 2016

Are you thirsty. [ John 4 v 10- 15 ]

I have just purchased a smart TV, I don't thing I will be smart enough to use it other than for ordinary TV. Why is it called a smart TV?, has it been to 
university?, how many O, OR A, levels has it? It again bears in upon me how things have changed, an older brother said they had when he was young a TV, with an nine inch screen. Modern TV screens are getting bigger and bigger. there was time long ago when it was questionable to have TV,it was considered worldly. Now ,that has all changed, leaders of a church years ago, forbid their members to own a TV, but now those same leaders are appearing on TV.I wonder if the thought ,man shall not live for TV alone, is  appropriate for this generation?, we could also apply to  so many things, to  sport ,to buying ,to sex. Do we live in sex grazed world?we can make gods of anything, and everything. I knew a person when he was dying ,he found it hard that he would not be able to drive his car.In our home group we have been looking at the book of Ecclesiastes, it was written by Solomon because he was so rich, and so powerful, he tried everything possible,but in the end, found so much that he tried, pointless ,and meaningless. God speaking of his people, said they had forsaken Him, the spring of living water, for that which could not satisfy.[Jeremiah 2 v 13 ]. It is our Saviour who cried out,''If anyone is thirsty , let him come unto me and drink.[John7 v 37]
                                  Are you thirsty?

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