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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Lonliness [ Hebrews 13 v 5 ]

I do not have a twitter account, nor do I go on face book, this is not saying its wrong,but for me at this time it is not for me . Face book and twitter meet a need within our modern society, why is that? , it could be that many people are lonely and isolated. That is not good, the word of God tells us it is not good for man to be alone [Genesis 2 v18],God made us to be social
beings.It is a strange thing, as the population of the world has grown,there
are cities with populations of 20 million, many people are lonely and isolated. I myself at times have felt lonely, less than I used to, but it is not a nice feeling, yes even as a Christian one may feel lonely. And so we have
these web sites, that do help ,in some sense to meet a need, though they are not perfect, and can be used as channels of abuse. That's why we must show a degree of caution in what we put on these sites, everyone reading what you put on ,is not your friend. Can anything good come out of our times of loneliness?, well if we are a Christian, we are in a very favourable position
there is one with us ,who understands our need, for social contact, but He also wants us to develop a deep relationship with Him. I have come to realise that my Saviour seeks what is best for me, He has sent different friends into my life, will remove them as He sees fit, to remind me that the only relationship that is permanent is His.

                                           A  prayer.
Dear Lord ,you know just how we feel,when we are lonely, you know what
we need, and can supply our needs, help to see our greatest need is you, in
your name we ask this Amen.

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