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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I am a witness. [Acts 1 v8 ]

I had taken a person to  a hospital appointment, and I was going to fetch my car, and I noticed a lady in her nightgown sitting smoking, there is no smoking allowed in hospitals. I felt led to ask her how she was, it turned out she had cancer, she said it could be treated but there was no cure. I felt laid to witness to her, I spoke of Christ, and the importance of knowing Him. That if one knows Christ ,then death brings glory, you close your eyes in death and the next moment you open them in heaven. I realise I may the only person she would hear these words from, but she has heard, so we water our witness, by our prayers. I must be faithful, I must, and the same goes for all Christians, oh yes show them you are a Christian, but do not make this an excuse of not telling them about Christ, let us remember its not about us, it is about Christ. who said ,we are to be His witnesses [ Acts 1 v8 ].
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God  help us to be faithful ,not just by our lives, important as that is, but to speak to people about their need of Jesus your son Amen.

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