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Sunday, 4 December 2016

I'm accepted. [ Romans 5 v1- 11 ]

Let us remember that all Gods children are precious to Him, He has no favourites. As you listen to certain Christians, it appears they have a greater
position before God than you and I, but it is not true. For we are all accepted equally, by Jesus, none of us are left out in the cold. When I was younger I help run a football team,  we had to leave people out of the team, that is alright in sport, but when it comes to God ,it is about being part of a family.Jacob had a favourite son Joseph, that caused so much trouble. The family was torn apart by it, jealousy, hatred filled the hearts of  those who
felt less loved. Today I want us all to grasp the truth that we are all loved equally by our loving heavenly Father. He loves his bright children and those not so bright, the gifted children and those who are not so gifted.God
is not swayed by a persons success, nor a persons failure, let us take comfort
this day ,because God loves us, nothing can change that, nor will change that.

                             I'm accepted, I'm forgiven,
                             I am fathered by the true and living God.
                             I'm accepted, no condemnation,
                             I am loved by the true and living God.
                             There's no guilt or fear as I draw near,
                             to the Saviour and Creator of the world.
                             There is joy and peace as I release
                              my worship to You, O Lord.
                               [ Words by Rob Hayward ]


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