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Friday, 2 December 2016

My Grace is sufficent for thee. [ 2 Corinthians 12 v 1-10 ]

I was listening to a radio program and it set me of thinking about an aspect of my life, that I have struggled with, Some difficulties do not necessary go away, and one has to rely on God to enable one to cope, by praying and submitting to Gods will, and not run away from the difficulty. There are things that we cannot share with others, and just seek the grace of God, to  help one to cope. Paul had his thorn in the flesh, and  he was told that Gods grace would be sufficient, and it was , so much so, that he was glad of his weakness, because of what God put in its place, His power. As I consider my difficulty I can appreciate what Paul wrote out of his own experience.  God has kept me, and enabled me ,by His power to cope, and so like Paul I can say, when I am weak ,them am I strong.
                            They that trust in the Lord are secure,
                            Though the storm rages dark o'er the sea;
                            For this anchor of promise is sure-
                            My grace is sufficient for thee.

                            Neither trial nor doubt brings dismay,
                            Nor from danger that comes will I flee,
                            For I stand on this promise to-day,
                            My grace is sufficient for thee.

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