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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Nice people. [ Romans 3 v23 / 6 v23 ]

Lionel Blue a well known radio rabbi died aged 86,I remember listening to
him years ago, he seemed a nice person. A newspaper published an article
by him, where he related how he came to a belief in God, at a Quaker meeting, and how he eventually became a Rabbi .The god he discovered he called Fred, he believed in an afterlife. As I thought of him my mind turned to another religious person ,the Dalai Lama, aged 81,he is still alive, he like LB appears a nice person, he is a Buddhist. There are many nice people in the world, nice Muslims, Hindu's, non -Christians ,atheist, and so on, nice people, that 's how we see them, but the important question how does God see them?.How  can a person know, does He see people as I see them?,no , He see's that we are all sinners, who are in rebellion against Him. It is interesting that the Dalai Lama is called ,''His Holiness'', like a certain nice man in the Vatican. There is an old hymn which proclaims ,''Only Thou art Holy''. speaking of God, we should call no man his holiness, for only God is truly holy. The fact is nice people are but sinners, and who do they  need ? Jesus who came to save sinful nice people.
                                       A  prayer.
Dear God forgive us in ignoring what Your word tells us ,that we all have sinned and come short of Your glory, and that all men need a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord Amen

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