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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

God loves that church. [ Nehemiah 1 v 1-6 ]

I was talking to a friend on the phone, who lives in Ulster, and I asked him,
had he heard how the church we used to attend is getting on. His reply
caused me great sadness, he said people were leaving the church, and there was no Sunday school. I sort of felt like Nehemiah ,when he was told of the state of  Jerusalem, we read, that the walls of the city were broken down,
like Nehemiah, I did shed a tear, and offered up a prayer. This was the fellowship that I went to as child, were I first trusted the Lord. They always had a thriving children's work ,I remember teaching a Sunday school glass , of the lively missionary interest they had. It was the place were I met my first wife and it was there I got married. The Pastor was a faithful minister of Gods word, and ministered there for many years. So you can imagine how I feel, and yet it is the story of many churches, once thriving affairs,
they are now no longer in existence . One wonders why,there are different reasons, disunity, lack of love, unforgiveness , lack of meaningful outreach.
Whatever the reason it saddens me greatly, What can one do?, well our first port of call must be prayer, now I must pray on a regular bases for this fellowship, which I love, and most of all, God loves, will you join with me in praying for that church,?.
                                              A prayer.
Dear God have mercy upon that church ,and all such churches,in mercy
may the Holy Spirit move in that situation, in Jesus name Amen

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