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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Holy Ground [ Exodus 3 v1- 6 ]

I have read the book of Leviticus many times, but personally I have not studied it in depth,at this time I am studying it,using as a help a book by Derek Tidball ,I am up to chapter 8 and have found this book very helpful,
this chapter deals with the ordination of Aaron and his sons.This was carried out publicly by Moses,for all to see,it was not done in secret.The first thing that was done was,they were washed,symbolically indicating
cleansing.there is standard for all Christian ,holiness,besetting sins must be dealt with.So from cleansing to clothing.and it is here that DT points out that there is no mention of footwear,I never noticed that before ,indicating
that they performed their duties barefoot,as DT points out,''as was considered fitting for those who were standing on holy ground in the
presence of the Lord''My mind turned to the time when Moses met with God at the burning bush,and was told,'' Take  of your sandals, for the place
where you are standing is holy ground''[Exodus 3 v 5 ]Now I am not saying that we should take of our shoes  when we come to worship Him,but I would say we should at all times remember that God is Holy.Robert Louis Stevenson,would conduct family worship in the mornings for his household.
he always concluded by praying the Lords Prayer.One morning in the middle of the prayer,he left the room.His wife followed him ,thinking he was unwell.He told her, I am not fit to pray the Lords Prayer.''Robert had suddenly discovered that when one comes into Gods presence we are standing on Holy Ground.

                                      This is the place
                                      Where dreams are found,
                                      Where vision comes
                                      Called holy ground.

                                       Holy ground,
                                       I'm standing on holy ground
                                       For the Lord my God
                                       Is here with me.

                                       Your fire burns
                                       But never dies;
                                       I realise
                                       This is holy ground.

                                       The Great I Am,
                                       Revealed to man;
                                       Take off your shoes,
                                       This is holy ground.
                                       [Words by Dave

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