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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Merry , ?. [Isaiah 53 ]

Do you believe in Santa?well of course ,as an adult you don't, but if one  is a parent we play a pretend game with our children .Our next door neighbour has a little sign outside her door which reads, ''Santa call here''. Now of course it is just make believe, we sing about him getting stuck up the chimney,even though many new homes have no chimneys. People even put food out and we sing about his reindeer's, and the one with the shiny nose, hopefully all it is, is innocent fun. Many put on nativity plays, mainly for the children,that tells the story of a couple who find themselves with no shelter for the night, but manage to find room in a stable, were baby Jesus is born, later shepherds come to see the child, that angels told them about. Then we have the wise men coming who bring gifts, so that's it, a nice little story, for children ,along with Santa, it all adds up to what? .For many that is all there is to it, along with the carols, turkey and Christmas lights, Christmas cards, and a merry Halloween, oh I mean Christmas.
                                        A   prayer.
Dear God we ask that in your mercy ,that the true meaning of the Christ event may ,become real to each of us, in Jesus name Amen.

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