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Friday, 23 December 2016

The seriousness of.....[Romans 6 v 23 ]

A man called Kellogg wrote the following,  ''Many are exceedingly loth to
believe that sin can be such a serious matter''. As I study the book of Leviticus ,it is becoming more and more clear how serious sin is, how contact with God was a very restricted affair,this is seen in the sacrifices, in all the regulations, in the tabernacle, and in the temple, there was a place called ,the holiest of hollies. Gods presence was there, He who is holy, only one person could enter that place, and that only once a year, on the day of atonement, and when he did he had to take the blood of  a sacrificed animal,
and sprinkle it on those things within. We read in Hebrews 9 v22,''Without
shedding of blood there is no forgiveness''. These animal sacrifices did not completely deal with sin, they were but a temporary answer  [Psalm 40 v6], but God had a plan, The plan God came up with was extreme ,and this plan shows the seriousness of sin, it was beyond words to fully describe. Gods ,
answer was Jesus His son, He would leave heaven, be born of a virgin,He
would have an earthly name Jesus which means ,that he would save people from their sin[Matthew 1 v21].The seriousness of sin meant that if Jesus had not come, Hell for all us would be the result, that's the consequence of sin. But Jesus did come, and through His death sinners could be saved. The awful tragedy is this most people do not see the true meaning and purpose
of  Christs coming. We return to that opening statement, ''Many are exceedingly loth to believe that sin can be such a very serious matter''
                                               A  prayer
Dear Holy God and Father, open the eyes of our understanding, to the seriousness of our sins, and the vital importance  of accepting Christ as our Saviour. Amen.

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