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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Denial [ John 9 v25 ]

Many people are in denial, those who have addictions, will deny that they
have a problem, many of us will not acknowledge our short comings. The result is we continue on,and suffer, or make others suffer, because we are not willing to face reality. Better to face up to the truth, for its only as we do
will we hopefully begin to deal with those things ,that need dealt with. they say that honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to ourselves. Especially when it comes to knowing God, we can never know Him unless we are honest with Him. Until we realise that He demands and expects openness from everyone, nothing will change, and its change that we all need, if we are honest enough to admit it. Think about the most important thing that you need, your salvation, yes we all need to be saved.
Right away pride raises its ugly head and we are into denial, I have been there, we all start there. From the moment we are born we go astray, and we
will not acknowledge the truth ,that we are sinners. We  are on the run from
a holy God, yet denying that reality, Germany were never willing to face the
reality of Nazism, because under Hitler they had employment, and food on their tables, and we all know where that led to.

                                        A prayer.
Dear God open our minds, and help to see our lostness, our need of Christ,

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