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Monday, 26 December 2016

A favourite actor. [ 1 Timothy 1 v 12-15 ]

Just recently I watched a famous actor being interviewed, it  was awful to watch, I do not know how to describe his, manner and attitude. I hope I am not judging him, it just made me feel so sad, for as a child, I remember going to the cinema and watching him, he made us children laugh and even cry. But there he was a hard and cynical old man, he was no longer that person, he portrayed on silver screen. I am so glad that he is not my next door neighbour, and yet as I wrote this blog, I offered up a prayer for him. For I know that Jesus did not come into a world that is perfect, He did not come for those who thought themselves righteous, He came for sinners, yes even for the hard and cynical people, let us not write anybody off, no one is beyond redemption.
                                        A  prayer
Dear God we pray for that old  hard, and cynical actor, have mercy upon him, we thank you that Christ came into the world to save sinners, In His name we ask this Amen.

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