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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Open hearts. [ Acts 16 v 14 ]

Lead me to people whose hearts are open, that is a prayer I pray continually, so many people, hearts are closed  to Gods word. So is He?, I believe He is.
Let me share something, we had to have our boiler serviced, so a man came,
appeared to do the job. But later we were concerned that there was  a problem so we phoned the gas company, they sent another man to look at it. The first thing about this young man he was very polite, and before he left,
he shared with me that his mother had died, and how it made him realise how short life is, this opened up the door that enabled me to speak to him.I
suggested he read a particular scripture, which he said he would. I really
felt that here was a man whose heart was open to Gods word. All my Christian life, the importance  of witnessing about Christ has stayed with me ,it is a challenge,
I leave the result with God, I can do no other.

                                 When Jesus has found you,
                                 Tell others the story.
                                 That my loving Saviour
                                 is your Saviour too;
                                 Then pray that your Saviour
                                 may bring them to glory,
                                 And prayer will be answered,
                                  was answered for you.
                               [Words, Samuel. O.M.Cluff.]


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