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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Carol. [ Matthew 1 v 23 ]

Charles Dickens wrote many wonderful stories, that have given millions of
people great pleasure. Christmas Carol is a great favourite  at this time, which has a message for everyone of us. The main character in the story is
Ebenezer Scrooge, a mean, and miserable person,  who hates Christmas.
Then one  night when he goes to sleep, he has a visit from the ghost of Christmas past, who takes him on a journey, of his past history, and how unloving he had been, and other aspects of his existence, and ends with him
 looking at a gravestone with his name on it. All this awakens him, the awfulness of his past life, and the fate that awaits him. So he turns to his ghostly companion, and he asks this question,''Are these things that shall be, or are they things that may be?''. I do not believe in fatalism, we can choose, just like our first parents did,[Genesis 2 v 15-17].in Deuteronomy 30 v15, we read,'' See, I set before you today  life and prosperity, death and destruction''.  Continually God pleads through the prophets, to turn from their sin, warning them of the consequences if they didn't. Judgement which fell upon them was not fixed, but alas they maintained a stubborn resistance and so they suffered. Yes nothing is fixed Nineveh repented and was shown mercy,in the book of Revelation  the seven churches ,are warned [chapter 2-3] the church at Ephesus was called on to repent, in other words, they had
a choice. The coming of Christ, means we all have a choice, when we accept Him, we can be different, we can change, we can know there is a wonderful future.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God we thank you that in Christ we can change, and our future ,both for time, and eternity can change Amen.

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