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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Support the family. [John 13 v 34 ]

The term backslider is a term that I never hear these days, but where I come
from, it was a common expression, used of someone who had gone away from  the Lord.  I have met many professing Christians who have gone back from following the Lord, and there are those I pray for everyday. Because
I remember my backsliding days, yes I trusted the Lord, but it was an off and on relationship, it was not till a week before my 20th birthday, I finally came home again. I was fortunate  that I was supported by a dear Christian, and that helped a lot, in fact I am indebted to different Christians, who have supported me through my Christian life. We all need those Christians who will support us, and befriend us, on our journey to glory, Timothy had his Paul, David had his Jonathan. Some  Christians have only churches they go to, but have no fellowship, some Christian ministers rarely visit their folk.
Yet let me stress it is important for us all to support our family, for that's what the Christian church is, a family. One of my sons who is a leader in a fellowship, arranged a curry evening, for folk in his fellowship . A lady who did not like curry volunteered to babysit, for a young couple, so they could go.that young couple really enjoyed their evening out, it had been a long time since they had enjoyed such an occasion. We need to support our family of believers, lets not leave it to others, or to the Pastor.

                                Blest be the tie that binds
                                Our hearts in Christian love;
                                The fellowship of kindred minds
                                 is like to that above.

                                 We share our mutual woes,
                                 Our mutual burdens bear,
                                 And often for each other flows
                                 The sympathising tear.

                                 [Word by John Fawcett]
   [I will return to my Blog on Sunday, every blessing ]

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