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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

He understands because.[Hebrews 4 v16 ]

We are truly blessed because as Raymond Brown writes ''There is a man in heaven ,who understands us and knows our trial''.He is none other than Jesus,who is called our great High Priest  [Hebrews 4 v14 ],the  old Jewish
priesthood is replaced by a one man priesthood which was foretold in the OT,[CP Psalm110v4].We are told that,' we do not a high priest who is unable to sympathise with our weaknesses,but we have one who has been tempted in every way,just as we are-yet without sin'[ Hebrews 4 v15]Now RB points out,the writer of Hebrews is not implying that Christ encountered every possible different temptation.....Yet at the root of every different temptation encountered by men and women throughout the wide range of human experience there are a number of basic trials or tests,and Jesus knew what it was to meet these and emerge victoriously from the struggle''
T.H.Robinson writes,''Christs whole life was one of one on
earth,before or since,has ever been through  such spiritual desolation and human anguish[ Luke 22 v44/ Matthew 27 v46] For this reason He can help
us in our temptations,He is aware of our needs because He has experienced to the full the pressures and testings of life in this godless world''

                           ''He is the Christ who walked were we did,
                            so go to Him and lay your burden down,
                            and receive the help you need.''

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