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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Holiness. [ 1 Timothy 1 v8-9 ]

I have just started studying the book of Leviticus using a book written by
Derek Tidball,I have read this Leviticus many times,but I have never studied it.It is not a book that one hears preached ,I have preached from it many years ago.I am sure it is one of the most neglected books in the Bible, why is that?,maybe you have never read this book,D.T,points out,that the key message of Leviticus is that the children of Israel should be holy,as God is holy [ 19v2].DT,goes on to point out, ''that the key to holiness,involves,
separation and purity and that Israels lifestyle was to be different from those around them,in how they they worshipped,what they ate,how they
loved,and in their dealings with each other.''Now of course as children of the new covenant we are not under any restrictions as to what we should eat.But you get the picture ,holiness was to be comprehensive,again as D.T
points out ,''no area of life is untouched by it.''I end again by quoting D.T,
''Like Israel ,we to have been set free by Christ, but not so that we might continue to live in sin or with indifference to God;rather ,we have been set free to be holy''.
                                         A prayer.
Dear God we worship you ,we acknowledge that You alone are holy, and your will for our lives,is that we should seek to be holy,help us Lord by your Holy Spirit,in Jesus name Amen .

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