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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

We have a choice. [ Joshua 1 v 9 ]

I saw Moses yesterday,yes I did,he was playing football,but of course there are many people called Moses,but there was only one Moses,that was rescued from destruction,and cared for by the very people who were
oppressing his people.God preserved when he should have died,as many children did,at the command of the wicked Pharaoh.We read about him in the book of  Exodus,Moses was part of the nation of Israel who dwelt
in Egypt,the Egyptians started to oppress then ,and use them as slave labour.
They treated them cruelly,ordering that on one occasion that Pharaoh ordered that all male new born children should be destroyed,by throwing them into the river Nile.But we read in Hebrews 11, the following,''By Faith
Moses parents hid him for thee months,because he was no ordinary child,and were not afraid of the kings edict[11v23].They were faced as other parents are with a choice,many obeyed out of fear,they choose faith.I read of many Christians living in lands were persecution is taking place,Like the parents of Moses they are choosing the pathway of faith.The challenge for all of us who love Christ is to follow in the footsteps of the parents of Moses,by choosing faith rather than fear.
                                             A  prayer.
Dear God help us to chose faith ,and not give into fear in Jesus Amen.

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