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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Rewarded [1 Corinthians 3 v10-15 ]

I read this recently by Raymond Brown,''If Gods righteous justice is such that man's spiritual rebellion must not be ignored,then it is equally true that in the light of that same justice man's devoted service will not be overlooked''.It is important to stress that he is not talking about salvation,but
service,only Christ and His finished work on Calvary saves[Ephesians 2 v8-9].No, this is about those who are already saved, as  Christians we are  called to serve,on a coming day God will reward our faithful service. In 1 Corinthians 3 v10-15,we are told how all we done for our Saviour will be tested as to its worth in Gods estimation,not ours.What is of no worth will
be burnt up,what remains,will be rewarded.As Leon Morris points out God is looking for quality not quantity,this illustrated in the account in Mark 12 v41-42,it tells how Jesus observed people putting money into what were known as the ,'The Trumpets',thirteen collecting boxes,each had a different
purpose one to buy oil,corn,or oil for the sacrifices.Many gave in considerable sums,but Jesus observed a poor widow ,putting in two small coins  of little value,it was this lady who was commended by Jesus,because
as William Barclay points out,her offering was sacrificial,and reckless.So the question is for all of us to consider,how much of our giving and service will stand the fiery judgement of God?
                                               A  prayer
Dear God we thank you that we are not saved by our works,yet help to see that each day we are called to be servants,and that service will be rewarded,
in Jesus name Amen

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