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Thursday, 24 November 2016

I want to live. [John 11 v25 ]

A young girl who died of cancer ,requested that her body would be preserved,she was only 14,she did not want to die,but she accepted that she
would,The mother went with her daughters request,but the father didn't.It was taken to court and it was agreed by the judge that the young girl should have her request.Of course this is not a new thing,it has been going on for a long time ,those who want this are hoping that in a coming day a cure will be found for the disease,they died from,and so they will be revived,cured, and live again. Why do we die?well when God made man,death did not exist,we were never meant to die,but alas we do,nothing can change that,it is an appointment we all have to keep.Genesis 2 v17/Hebrews 9v27 .Death is called an enemy [1 Corinthians15 v26],we cannot defeat it,at most we but prolong it,but it will happen.The prolonging brings with it problems the body and often the mind deteriorates,the result of this we all know about.Is their any hope as regards death,when we die is that it?,is it for many a happy release,is there life after death,more tomorrow.
                                             A  prayer.
Dear God help us to face up to the reality of death,help us to cope when
death comes,and help us to cope when we loose someone whom we love,
in Jesus name Amen.

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