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Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Tug between two worlds. [ John 14 v6 ]

The American poet James Russell Lowell wrote the following.
                          Truth forever on the scaffold,
                          wrong forever on the throne.
Now if we stopped there it would not be very encouraging, but it goes unto
to say.                 Yet that scaffold sways the future
                            and behind the dim unknown,
                            Standeth God within the shadow,
                            Keeping watch above His own.
What do you think of these words?,looking at history it does appear there is an evil in the world,and that evil often appears to rule,the Hitlers,Stalin's, get into power.They seek to destroy the truth and cause their followers to follow there perverted reasoning.When error takes the place of truth in men's hearts wrong abounds ,in our modern day millions  are enslaved by falsehood.What is truth said Pilate,he asked Jesus,who died to forgive,and free all men .Yes it appears that evil reigns,but the poet mentions God, to the natural eye,and the suffering masses, God appears an absentee landlord.Many people ask, as Philip Yancey writes in his book,'Where is God when it hurts?, I can only answer it this way,it is a question of faith,without it there is no answer other than, evil reigns.Philip Yance writes that it is a ''Tug between two worlds'',the question is in which world are you .?
                                               A  prayer.
Dear God we come to you by faith ,trusting in Jesus,trusting in You our sovereign God Amen.

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