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Friday, 25 November 2016

A certain hope . [ John 11 v 25 ]

Yesterday we looked at a young girls request,to be put into cold storage,in the hope that in a coming day she may be brought back to life.I believe it is a vain hope, that it will never be possible,and many think that to be brought back like that young girl wants,is unthinkable,once is enough. Many people of course think that when one dies,that's it,oblivion.Well I believe in a historical Christ,in other words He was a real person,I believe He existed as God the  Son,with God the Father,and God the Holy Spirit,not three Gods of course,but our triune God.In Gods word it was foretold that He would come,and so we have Christmas.He manifested power beyond what anyone ever did,His coming was to die on a cross,that if we believed in Him our sins would be forgiven.Yes He really died ,but on the third day He came back to life,He said He would,and He did.But He also said this,if we trust in Him,we can also be resurrected,and live with Him for all eternity.Yes death need not have the final say,because of Jesus ,we can have a certain hope.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God we thank you for your dear son Jesus,who died that we might be forgiven,and go at last to heaven, Amen
                       / I will return to my Blog Sunday,every blessing/

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