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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Thy Kingdom come[ Daniel 4 v 28 - 37 ]

As a far of observer of the election for the President of good old USA,it is sad at the tone of the two candidates,each pointing out the others faults,the result the nation will become more divided.I was blessed as I read something about an ex-President,and his humility,it made me ask where is the humility in this present election?none existent.they are standing in their corner throwing bricks at each other.All I can do is pray for the USA,that God will overrule,the banners read,'Make America great again'.I wonder what they believe that to be?.In Russia many look back to when Stalin ruled the Soviet Union,they see that as time when in their opinion their nation was great.Oh yes they were great in military power,they exercised power over those they ruled,in murdering millions and millions of their own people. They sought to eradicate religion,by all means,imprisoning many.Oh yes they were great, a great evil. Our Saviour said his kingdom is not of this world,for it is a spiritual kingdom,greater than any seat of power .It is a kingdom where righteousness rules,not a religious righteousness  ,love rules ,not a worldly love,and the head of that Kingdom is Jesus.Who reigns not from any earthly seat of power,but in the hearts of  all the citizens, of that kingdom.Isaac Watts wrote,''Mere human power shall fast decay'',but not Gods Kingdom it is an everlasting Kingdom that will last for eternity, and whose power will never wane.
                                               A  prayer.
Dear God ,may Thy kingdom come,in Jesus name we ask this Amen.

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