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Monday, 7 November 2016

A reduced Christ. [ Galations 1 v 6-9 ]

When people go before the court they take an oath,which says that they will
tell the truth the whole truth.They are declaring on oath to tell the whole truth,not to leave anything out,they take this oath ,with their hand on the Bible.The Bible is the word of God,it is the truth,the whole  that God in His mercy has given mankind,in this book many things are revealed to us.Woe and betide us if we fail to respond to God's word,likewise if we do not believe not the whole truth,and refuse to accept the whole truth.The JW's have a bible which is tailored to suit the things they want to believe,and this especially applies to our Saviour.But of course there are many people who do not accept the whole truth about the person , Raymond Brown writes of
those,who have a'' reduced Christ who cannot save;who is a projection of their imagination and not a Christ of the  scriptures.It may sound as if Christ is preached,but He is not. partial Christologies and therefore not only unsatisfying,but totally misleading. John Donne a seventeenth century preacher said this,'He that confesses not all Christ,confesses no Christ.''
                                            A  prayer.
Dear God we thank you that in your word we have the whole Christ,help us
not be deceived by those who hold to a reduced Christ,Amen.

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