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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Five [Romans 6 v23 ]

It is William Barclay who points out that the New Testament uses five different words for sin.
[ 1]Humartia  , meaning missing the target.
[2] Parabasis,meaning,stepping across ,the line which is drawn between
                                      right and wrong.
[3 ]Paraptoma,meaning ,slipping across ,like slipping on ice,a sudden
                                        impulse grabs us and we loose control.
[4 ]Anomia.     meaning,going against what we know is right.
[5 ] Opheilema,  meaning ,a debt, a failure to pay that which is due.

The New Testament tells that we all have sinned ,Romans 3 v 23,as WB
points out sin is a universal disease in which we are all involved .Consider the fifth meaning ,sin being a debt,again Romans 6 v23, tells us that the wages of sin is death,in other words when we sin,we are accumulating a debt that will result in eternal separation from God in Hell.We must take serious the consequences of our sin ,whatever one ,we commit.That's the bad news but the very good news is,our sins can all be forgiven,by trusting Jesus as our Saviour.
                                       A prayer.
Dear God we thank You that through Jesus your dear Son,all our sins can be forgiven,Amen


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