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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Omission in preaching. [ John 3 v36 ]

A man I know said a visiting speaker mentioned something in his sermon,
that  he had  not heard from his own minister ,the word Hell.The visiting speaker wondered why some modern preachers do not mention Hell in their preaching. I wonder also, there are reasons,they cannot come to terms with it, and cannot equate it to their concept of God. Surely a God of Love would not  send people to such a place,so they do not mention it. Surely they can see people  come to faith in Christ without mentioning such a doctrine, they appeal to people from the bases of their human reasoning.These preachers have problems with the accounts of the violence ,perpetrated by Israel
, as they conquered the promised land.Now we cannot cover all these things in full,but the fact is we have accounts of God judging people,right
throughout the Bible.Not only judgements relating to time, but a promise of Judgement in eternity [Hebrews 9 v27 ].Consider how the message , most of the prophets proclaimed, had a strong threat of judgement,and this carried through into the NT,the term wrath is used continually. yes even by Jesus.
[ Matthew 10 v 28].The man in the street or those within the cults may pick
and choose what they should believe in,but the preacher in the pulpit cannot
if he does,he will be held accountable. Consider, who would want that on their conscience?,I would not,so even though it is doctrine that is not in vogue, I can speak no other.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God of truth help those who stand between their fellowmen and a holy God,not to neglect, to warn them of the fearful judgement awaiting all who die without Christ , Amen

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