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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

I am sending you. [Matthew 10 v16]

I was at the till in a popular store,,and a short conversation took place, between me and the young fellow on the till.Without thinking I asked him
did he know the Lord Jesus ,he mentioned something about being a Chritian but not attending a church.I said how important it was to know Christ,a short conversation,but I prayed about it,and left it with God.There are many people you may only meet once,and it is an opportunity to just say a word.
The thing is, they need to hear  about Christ,I planted a seed,someone else
may water it,but it will be God who will cause it, to bring forth life. We are
on a mission ,or we should be,to tell others about Christ,lets not shy back
from telling others.Our dear Saviour when He was sending his disciples ,
said''I am sending you out like sheep among wolves,Therefore be as shrewd as snakes,and as innocent as doves'',[Matthew 10 v16]There are many people who can be like wolves,we are forewarned as regards this,so don't be surprised when you encounter  such people.We do need Wisdom,and being
told to act wisely in seeking the lost,and our lives must manifest a godly
                                         A prayer.

Lord in my work for Thee,so teach me that I may display the wonderful blend of serpent and dove, which thou here commends...Never allow me to become to others like a wolf,but may I  conquer by the meekness of a lamb
                                [Words by C.H.Spurgeon ]

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