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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Wait [ John 13 v 7 ]

A lady who had lost her son in war, was asked by a friend,have you forgiven Him?,the woman replied,forgiven who? ,God, for taking your son,
the lady replied,''I never blamed Him'',Should I blame God,or should I trust God?,many people blame God,after all they say God has the power to cause it not to happen,so why does He not stop it?.Well there are many things we cannot answer,we can look up to heaven and in bitterness and unbelief, point the figure and say you are to blame.There are so many questions as
regards life we cannot answer,and may never answer .Everyday ,tragedies
are happening,injustice is taken place,listen to the news ,read a news paper.
Why ?,is the question on many peoples hearts,and the answer is, we do not know why,but blaming God is not the answer. How can God let such things happen?,I do not know,but some day I will know,in the mean while,I will not fall into despair,but  trust in God who is just and loving,and is working everything out ,to a perfect conclusion.Much of life is filled with the
question why,it is not wrong to ask why,but we should wait until God ,one
day will give us all the answer.

                                 Poem by Corrie ten Boom.

                                My life is but a weaving
                                Between my God and me.
                                I cannot choose the colours,
                                He weaveth steadily.
                                Of''t times He weaveth sorrow;
                                And I in foolish pride,
                                Forget He sees the upper
                                And I the underside.

                               Not till the loom is silent,
                               And the shuttles cease to fly,
                               Will God unroll the canvas,
                               And explain the reason why,
                               The dark threads are as needful,
                                In the weaver's skilful hands,
                                As the threads of gold and silver,
                                In the pattern He has planned.
                                He knows,He loves,He cares.
                                Nothing ,that truth can dim.
                                He gives the very best to those
                                Who leaves the choice to Him.



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