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Monday, 31 October 2016

An abundance of rain.[ James 5 v 16[b]-18 ]

A minister I know who for a number of years had a settled ministry, is now exercising an itinerant one, now he is returning to churches,that he preached in 20years ago.He made this sad but telling observation,when he ministered
there 20yrs ago he was the youngest person there,now 20 yrs later he is still the youngest person there,which is a clear indication that there has been no growth.If there is no growth then eventually the church fellowship will no longer exist,the building will be left dormant,and will ether be knocked down,and new houses built on it.In the last church in which I was a joint leader we were not growing,so we let someone else take over,and there have been signs of growth.I am sure that there are many reasons why there is no growth,society has changed,people do not see the need of God,and the need is there of course.Wales experienced a revival many years ago,but there has like the rest of the UK a steady decline,all we are left with is memories.Yet just recently I have heard reports of God moving and reminds me of the time  when Elijah prayer for rain,after a great drought,initially nothing, but as he prayed,a small cloud appeared the size of a mans hand,so he continued to pray,then there was an abundance of rain.
                                         A prayer.
Dear almighty God,hear the prayers of your people,send a mighty movement of your Spirit and save the lost,in Jesus name Amen.

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