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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Are you a lemon?. [Matthew 5 v 43-48/ Hebrews 12v15]

My wife likes drinking,no not wiskey,or rum,or beer,but she likes a lemon drink,but it has such a bitter taste to it .Now of course it is all a matter of taste,nothing wrong with that,but there is another aspect in relation to that word bitterness,that is very serious,it is when people hurt us.It is impossible to go through life without being hurt by someone,and here is another aspect of it, is impossible for us not to hurt someone.The problem is when someone hurts us ,bitterness enters in ,and it blinds us to the challenge that all Christians must face up to,that is to have a loving and forgiving spirit. In spite of what we read in Gods word,about forgiveness,and loving yes even our enemies,we are inclined to let our hurtful feelings take over.Again the challenge is to not be ruled by our feelings,but by that love which loves unconditional,that God has for us,even though we grieve Him so many times.Love for others is not an optional extra,it is not something we can pick and choose,it is expected of us by our loving Saviour.So lets stop copying the lemon,by being bitter,remember it is not just about taste,it is vital to grasp the truth that the way of the cross is a road of love.
                                         A  prayer.
Dear God we thank and praise you for loving and forgiving us through
Jesus,help us to have a loving and forgiving spirit to all for Jesus sake Amen.

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