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Friday, 21 October 2016

Risk takers.[ 1 Corinthians 4 v 10 ]

Kipling tells how,on a certain world tour,General Booth boarded the ship at a certain port.He was seen off by a horde of tambourine-beating Salvationists.The whole thing revolted Kipling's fastidious soul.Later he got to know the general and told him how much he disapproved of  this kind of
thing. ''Young man'', said Booth,''if I thought that I could win one more soul for Christ by standing on my hands and beating a tambourine with my feet I
would learn to do it.'' There is something in what Booth said, which we who
follow Christ need to hear,yes we need to be guided by the Holy Spirit,and
indeed empowered by Him.We often have to break convention as our Saviour did,the result was thousands came to hear Him.The brothers Charles and John Wesley did the unthinkable,by preaching in the open air,Hudson Taylor likewise broke convention,when He and his fellow missionaries,dressed in the same way as the Chinese,most missionaries at that time were situated in the coastline of China,but Hudson started ,what became known as the 'China Inland Mission'. Sometimes we feel like doing something different,and we draw back,let us be very clear ,vast amounts of people are going to Hell,the need is great,what are we willing to do ,in order to bring Christ to them?
                                           A  prayer.
Dear God ,help us to do whatever it takes to tell others of Jesus,Amen

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