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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Open their hearts. [Acts 16 v 11-15 ]

All of my Christian life, I have sought to witness to people,I am awhere that
one must be faithful,it is not an easy task,and one must have much wisdom.
I wish I could say I have seen many people  trust the Lord,but I have not,
some have,all I can say I  have in my broken way,sought to be,as I have said
faithful.When the apostle Paul was called to Macedonia,[ Acts 16 ] ,he encountered a group of ladies,whom he witnessed to.One of these ladies was called Lydia ,she had her own business,and we read how the Lord opened her heart in response to the message.The result was she and her family became Christians,we read how the Lord opened her heart.Recently
I have been praying that God would lead me to those whose heart the Lord will open.The Message puts it  like this,''The Master gave her a trusting heart-and she believed''.after all we are but the messengers, salvation is of the Lord.We desire that all may be saved,but they will not hear without us telling them,and as we do,our prayer should be that God in mercy will open their hearts.
                                            A  prayer.
                                  Lord, lead me to some soul today
                                   teach me just what to say,
                                   Friends of mine are lost in sin,
                                   and cannot find their way

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