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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Meaning [ Psalm 73 ]

Michael Wilcock writes the following,''The first step towards salvation is to see that life does make sense,and it is the teaching of Jesus which enables men to see this''.I remember as a young man wondering what is life about,it just  did not make any sense,I am convinced that many people feel this way.
It is easy to give into despair,for we all desire meaning in our lives,some try to find it in politics,pleasure, and a multitude of other things,but in doing so they are just papering over the cracks,In the Bible we have a book called
Ecclesiastes,it is about a man who had power,and riches,this enabled him to
have everything his heart desired.Yet he came to this conclusion,it was meaningless like chasing after the wind,nothing appeared to make sense.In a sense this book emphasises this fact life is meaningless,but throughout the Bible we have men and women who found meaning,and it transformed their lives.Returning to myself I found meaning when I found Jesus as my Saviour,when I prayed and asked Him into my life,all things were changed.I found out that life had a meaning, that meaning was Christ.
                                       A  prayer.
Dear God we praise you ,and that in knowing Jesus as our Saviour,we find meaning to our existence,Amen.

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