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Monday, 24 October 2016

Our greatest need. [ John 6 v 66 - 69 ]

In Madagascar the majority of people are very poor,it is described as
desperate poverty and misery,so  reports  the Barnabas aid agency,a Christian organisation.They report, that many people are turning to Islam,
Muslim missionaries hand out portions of the Quran,with bank notes slipped between the pages.They tell the people many of them professing Christians,''When you go to church you are asked to give money,when you
come to our mosque,you will be given money''.When our Lord performed the miracle of feeding five thousand [John 6 ],many followed Him because they felt that Jesus would be like Moses whom they credited with feeding the Israelites in the wilderness.There are no guarantees if one becomes a Christian that one will not experience poverty,sickness,and whatever. There
are many Christian organisations,working in poor countries,helping people, but they are not in the business of bribing people in order for them to become Christians.They are helping, simple out of love,yes we hope and pray that what we do will be a testimony to Gods glory,To seek to bribe people to become Christians,can never be right,nor should never be practised,when people fix their eyes totally on physical needs,we point them
beyond their limited vision ,to Christ.
                                           A  prayer.
Dear Lord Jesus help us in whatever difficulties we are facing,to see that our deepest need is you Amen.

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