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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Who or what are you trusting?.[[Psalm 121 ]

In Isaiah 36 v5, we read the following,''Now on whom dost thou trust?'',it is a good question,people are trusting on many things,on their wealth,on their power,whatever.It is Spurgeon who writing on trusting God,as the one we should all be trusting in, writes the following,''Oh blessed trust,to trust Him whose power will never be exhausted,whose love will never wane,whose kindness will never change,whose faithfulness will never fail,whose wisdom will never be nonplussed,and whose perfect goodness can never know a diminution. Happy are those who trust in Him, so trusting
thou shalt enjoy sweet peace now,and glory hereafter,and the foundation of
thy trust shall never be removed''
                                Leave God to order all thy ways
                                And hope in Him whate'er betide;
                                Thou'll find Him in the evil days
                                Thy all sufficient strength and guide,
                                Who trusts in Gods unchanging love
                                Builds on the rock that nought can move.
                                        [Words by Georg C. Neumark ]

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