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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Danger . [ Psalm 34 ]

I was working in someones garden when I noticed it,curled up in a little ball
it was a young hedgehog.It had sensed danger,we all act in different ways
when we sense danger.Some feel fear,and run to a place of safety,a child to the arms of a parent,a wife to her husband.In former days they ran into the walled castle,when the bombs were falling during the second world war people went to the air-raid shelter.Many years ago I heard a missionary relating to us,how that he felt in great danger,and he could not sleep, then the Lord spoke to him,and told him,''The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him,and he delivers them [Psalm 34 v7].Now the danger was real , part of the  country were in rebellion,but he believed what God  said, and laid down on his bed and slept.
                                 How oft in the conflict,when
                                 pressed by the foe,
                                 I have fled to my Refuge and
                                 breathed out my woe;
                                 How often when trials,like sea
                                 billows roll,
                                 Have I hidden in Thee,O Thou
                                 Rock of my soul.
                                     [Words W.O.Cushing]

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