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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Reflecting a perfect likeness.[ Romans 7 ]

Often what we do,does not shew what we are,there are evil people who work with children,but are child abusers.We think of people in high office who are doing such responsible jobs,but are adulators,and money grabbers.The fact is what we do, can so often be a cover up,and behind that cover up is what we really are.Judas posed as a disciple but was a thief,and we know where that led him.Stalin was thought of as uncle Joe,but he in fact was a brutal sadistic person,who had countless people murdered and tortured,and yet he loved roses,if only he had loved people.The challenge for all who follow Christ is to be a Christian,     Christlike, and not hide behind a mask. So that Christ likeness will be reflected in all we do,in our homes, jobs,and in all things,this should be our aim.Oh yes I know we will always be imperfect,that is a fact,but our aim should at all times be one of striving to be a perfect reflection of Christ,in what we are ,and what we do.
                                           A prayer.
Dear God we are so conscious that we need your help to be Christlike
so that in everything we may reflect a perfect likeness of your dear Son
Jesus,in mercy help us, in His name we ask this Amen

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