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Friday, 14 October 2016

Holy Spirit. [ Galations 5 v16-26 ]

While on holiday we decided to go to the cinema,considering what was being shown,I choose one,feeling it may a good story to it.It was rated a 15,
and I sensed it may not be suitable,but I over ruled those feelings,and so we went. Sure enough it was totally unsuitable,and after about 10 minutes we
got up and left.My underlying feelings had been right,what caused those
feelings?,I believe it was the Holy Spirit, and He was right as He always is
,again I was reminded again of the importance,of His prompting.We are told
to live by the Spirit,and to be led by the Spirit[Galations 5v 16-18],after all we as Christians,are indwelt by the Spirit.Whereas before we became a
Christian,we did what took our fancy,and would be drawn into all sorts of things,things that were unhelpful and detrimental to our well being.We left the cinema but other young people didn't,what they watched would not have been helpful to them,and effect them.I am not judging them,but am concerned for them.The challenge for us who know Christ,is to not leave ourselves open to wrong influences,be it movies,or whatever,and that is why we need to be  people who are led by the Spirit.
                                    A  prayer.
Dear God,help us to live by your Spirit,and to be led by Him,when He speaks and prompts us,in Jesus name Amen.

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