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Thursday, 31 December 2015

My forever friend. [ Proverbs 18 v24 ]

Millions of people will sing a famous song ,known as ,/Auld lang syne,/ by Robert Burns,that great Scottish poet.I have the poem before me.It is written in an old Scottish dialect,so it is difficult to understand,it is described as being extremely nostalgic,and a sincere expression of friendship.As its sung people usually join hands in friendship,as they look forward to the new year.They pledge that whatever changes life may bring,that old friends will not be forgotten.Friendship is important for us all ,some have many friends,
some have few,and some may not have any.The word of God tell us about a friend  that sticketh closer than a brother [Proverbs 18 v24]. Charles Landsborough,wrote a lovely song called ,/My forever friend/,here are a some verses from it.
                    He's my forever friend,my leave me never friend,
                    From darkest night,to rainbow's end,
                    He's my forever friend.
                    If you don't know the one I'm talking of,
                    I think it's time you knew,
                    Long ago and far a way upon a cross.
                    My friend died for you.
                    So if you'd like to meet Him,
                    And don't know what to do,
                    Ask my friend into your heart,
                    And He'll be your friend too.

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