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Friday, 1 January 2016

No time machine [ Matthew 6 v34 / Philippians 3 v13 ]

I have a friend who suffers from Parkinson disease,I usually call and take him out once a week.Coming out oh his home there are four steps,so I have to remind him to take one step at a time,he still tries to walk as he did ,
before he had Parkinson,and so he could easily fall.Well here we all are at the beginning of a new year,the days stretch out before us.and I believe we can be so easily discouraged.We may ask how are we going to make it through, this incoming year, and the answer is very simply,one day at a time or one step at a time.How much pain we cause ourselves by the possible  dire difficulties of tomorrow.None of us are time travellers, we cannot go back to yesterday,or go forward to tomorrow,there is no time machine,we will always be stuck in the present.As the gospel sung puts it,yesterdays gone and tomorrow may never be mine,so for my sake,help me to take, one day at a time.That means we should not live in the past,or in our
imagination live in the future.Let the failures, hurts,and wrongs,of the past be put in their proper place,which is not in the present.this also applies to
the future.Jim Reeves sings a song ,asking the question,/Where do I go from here?,it ends with the following,give me strength that I may find abiding faith and peace of mind,and I wont ask where do I go from here./
                                              A prayer.
Dear God and Father ,grant us by your grace,faith and peace of mind,that will enable us all to live one day at time,and to take one step at a time.We ask this in the name of Jesus Amen.

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