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Monday, 25 January 2016

Old age. [ Psalm 92 v 12-15]

Old age brings its problems, many my age  end up with prostate problems, diabetes,I just heard that a friend of mine had two hip replacement operations.Yes there are problems but that does not mean we are of no use,as long God grants us life,we can still serve Him,as He enables us.I may not be in employment but in the words of the little chorus ,there is a work for Jesus that I can still do .I can still pray,in a world were many are sadly  to busy to pray,I have time to pray. There are so many things to pray about.
,family,friends,neighbours ,missionaries,governments,and so many other things.As a Christian of many years I know how vital prayer is,our prayers can change situations,can change government's,can touch the ends of the earth.Let none of us doubt the importance of prayer,I can hear you say but what about the prayer that did not appear to be answered?.No one has all the answers  as to the whys of life,but in the end we leave it with God whose will is perfect. The work of prayer is like any other work,in spite of the difficulties we are called to be faithful,don't give up,press on,pray on,it is a most valuable service.A service that the world needs.your family needs,those you come in contact need,the need of the hour is prayer.
                                          A prayer.
Dear God as we grow old,let us not give in to despair,you still love us,help us ,and use us, in some way,help us to serve you in prayer,in Jesus name,

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