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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A sure and certain foundation.[ Acts 4 v 11-12 ]

In 1 Corinthian 3v11-15,we are told a number of truths,that faith is built on Christ,as the old hymn puts it,/On Christ the solid rock I stand,all other ground is sinking sand/.So the apostle declares,/For other foundation can no
man lay than that is laid,which is Jesus Christ/.If any building is going to stand it must have a foundation,without it will fall down,so we are reminded the importance of having Christ ,the life without Christ,will eventually manifest weaknesses,and those without that foundation,will one day,find
the house  that they have built collapsing.I was speaking to my sister recently,and I mentioned that I prayed for her to be saved.She  replied,to be saved,what did I mean?,yes what did I mean,I meant this if our lives are not
built upon Christ,then we will be lost.It is a sad thing to say,but a necessary thing to say,to warn her that there is a storm coming,the judgement of God.
I hear people speak a lot of nonsense as regards what happens when we die,that somehow we will pick up where we have left off.Not so ,we will no longer be husband and wife,parent and child,no, those earthly ties will have ceased.The most important thing about the after life is that we are in that vital relationship of knowing Christ as our own and personnel Saviour.
                                        A prayer.
Dear God in an uncertain world we that for Jesus on which we can build our lives on .Amen.

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