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Saturday, 9 January 2016

He cares.[ 1 Peter 5 v7 ]

It is not often we see people in high office crying,but it was refreshing to see President Obama shedding a tear.His concern is caused by the gun crime in his country,he desperately wants to bring greater control into a situation that is out of control, I hope and pray that he succeeds.The President appears to be man who cares,we need leaders who care, but the
important truth is, we all need to be caring people.One of the great truth about our Saviour is that He cares,when he walked on earth,he cared,in so
many ways. Of course His coming into the world ,was based on the fact that he cared,not just about people physical needs,or material needs,but their spiritual needs.To meet that need, it would take all the love he had,it would mean him dying on a cross,and on that cross,to suffer for our sins.He knew that if he did not suffer for our sins,then we would have to suffer. It is hard for us to take in the reality of sin and its eternal consequences,because we
lean upon our own understanding.The word of God clearly teaches that we sin ,and are capable of the committing awful things,that we are not only flawed,but fallen human beings.So Jesus came to rescue us, he is known as a man of sorrows,that sorrow was borne out of a heart that cared. He still cares,still seeks to save that which is lost.
                                       A  prayer.
Dear Lord Jesus we thank you that  cared so very much for us that  you died
for us on Calvary Amen.

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