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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Perfect yet inperfect. [Matthew 5 v 48 ]

We often hear said,that no ones perfect,isn't that a fact,so what does it mean when we read in Psalm37 v37,/Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright;for the end of that man is peace.[AV]/Other translations put it a different way,the fact is only God is perfect,Spurgeon wrote about absolute
perfection,and comparative perfection.The comparative perfection is a limited perfection,a godly person should show a  degree of perfection . Now of course the Christian is accepted by God because of Jesus,we are perfectly accepted on the bases of an others perfection. Perfect in Christ but imperfect as to ourselves, that degree of perfectness, God will acknowledge,and even others will acknowledge it.Our Saviour said ,be perfect,as our Father in heaven is,[Matthew 5 v48],in this scripture our Saviour had been stressing how Gods goodness falls upon all people. So we are challenged  to be like our heavenly Father ,the challenge for us is ongoing,because of our tendency to be inconsistent,each new day brings with it, this challenge. Some of us succeed more than others,but never fully,
                                            A prayer.
Dear God thank you that we are perfect in Christ,and yet we acknowledge
that in ourselves we are imperfect,help us to face up daily to the challenge of being wholly perfect,in Jesus name Amen.

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