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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A handful of weeds.. [Revelation 22 v12 ]

In Matthew  5  v12, our Saviour says to those who are suffering persecution
,/ for great is your reward in heaven/.CP also Luke 6 v35/,also 1 Corinthians 3v 11-15.Now let me make it clear that salvation cannot be earned,1 Corinthians 3 v15,makes that clear.rather it appears to be given for the service we have performed for our Saviour. My study Bible reads,/Good work will be rewarded,unfaithful work will be discounted/.The word of  God tells us that our works will be tested in the fire,the good will survive the fire,that which is not good will be burnt up.[1Corinthians 3 v13-15]. The other day I was working in our garden with my wife,she was digging up the
weeds which she handed to me ,which I disposed of.As she handed me those weeds I could not help but think of that day when I will stand before my Saviour,and all I give Him was  a handful of weeds,I would be absolutely ashamed.There is an old Gospel hymn which reads,/By and by when I look on His face I wish I had given Him more/.We who are debtors should at least seek to show our appreciation to our Saviour,for saving us .
                                          A  prayer.
Dear God we thank you for saving us,we owe you so very much,help us to show our appreciation,by lives that are fruitful in serving you,in Jesus name we ask this. Amen.

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