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Sunday, 10 January 2016

To God be the glory [ 1 Samuel 30 v 6ff ]

I cannot stress enough the importance of praying about everything, it is vital that we acknowledge God in all our ways[Proverbs 3 v6 ].The Israelites made a pact with the inhabitants of Gibeon,and never asked counsel of the Lord[Joshua 9 v 14] , that scripture is a reminder to us of the importance of praying before we make decisions,Now of course we are at times forgetful, God understands,he is not a tyrant,consider the words of Psalm 103v13-14,Like as a father pitieth his children,so the Lord pitieth them that fear him. For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.Yes understands our weaknesses,as every parent ,but even more so.But because have to some degree the spirit of the prodigal in us,in that we desire our independence,if we run with that spirit,we like Israel of old will run into
trouble ,CP.Joshua 9 v14.What was their failure as why they never sought the Lord,was it because of their former victories,but their victories came through the Lord. As a person who has been following the Lord,for over 51 years,I realise more than ever,the importance of continually praying to God.
When we pray we are acknowledging our dependence upon God and Saviour Jesus Christ,to guide us,to protect us,to provide for us,to keep a keep a hold on us.We are acknowledging that it is not our resilience or toughness, that will bring us through.
                                          A  prayer.
Dear God and Father, forgive us our foolish attempts at being independent ,
from you,help us by your grace,to acknowledge you in all our ways,in Jesus name Amen.

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